How to Remove Attribution to add Copyright Information

What is Attribution?

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Attribution is situated at the lower part of a Blogger Blog Template where you will found the name of the Template Designer and also the writings "Powered by Blogger". The image of Attribution is given below. You may easily replace the designer name by your own name or anything you like. I am using Uzzwal Dhali against the designer name. Changing this name is really so easy. But if you want to remove this Attribution, then it is a little bit of difficult. You may add copyright information by using an HTML/JavaScript Widget against this attribution. And then your site will be considered as a standard website. You can add anything you like by using HTML/JavaScript Codes there. Lets see how to remove this Attribution.
attribution, how to remove attribution, blogging
Image of Attribution to the Viewer

attribution, how to remove attribution, blogging
Image of Attribution to the Blogger

How to show your name in Attribution Bar?

 Step 01  Log in to your Blogger Account
Log in to your Blogger Account and go to your Blogger Dashboard.

 Step 02  Configure Attribution
Now go to Layout and look at the lower part of the Layout. There you will see a bar named Attribution. Click on Edit to configure the Attribution. Now a pop-up window will open.

 Step 03  Save the Settings
So, type your name or anything you like in the text input box and finally click on Save to save the settings.

 Step 04  Reload Your Blog Now
Now click on View Blog or reload your blog if that is already opened.

How to Remove Attribution Bar?

Do you really want to remove the Attribution Bar from your blog? :) You can add Copyright Information at the Footer after removing the Attribution. Look, when you will click on Edit of that Attribution Bar then you will get only two options named Cancel and Save. So how can you Remove this Attribution? You cant remove this Attribution Bar easily. You have to change some codes of the Template to to remove the Attribution Bar. Lets see How to Remove Attribution Bar.

 Step 01  Log in to Your Blogger Account
After logging in to your Blogger Account, now you have to click on Template from the Blogger Dashboard.

 Step 02  Click on Edit HTML
Now click on Edit HTML. Then the HTML Window will open where you will found the codes of the Template you are using.

 Step 03  Open the Search Box
Now click anywhere of the codes and press Ctrl+F to open the Search Box.

 Step 04  Search Attribution From the Codes
Type Attribution to the Search Box and press the Enter Key. Then you will found Attribution into the codes of the template. Now look carefully, there may be written locked='false'. Though there is written locked='false' but you are unable to remove the Attribution. Because you have to found one more Attribution.

attribution, how to remove attribution, blogging

 Step 05  Now Search Attribution1 from the Codes
Again type Attribution1 to the Search Box and you will get some codes like the image given below. You will see that there is written locked='true' and you must replace the codes locked='true' by the codes locked='false'.

attribution, how to remove attribution, blogging

 Step 06  Save the Template
After Replacing the codes True by False, now click on Save Template to save your Template.

attribution, how to remove attribution, blogging

 Step 07  Now Remove the Attribution
Again go to Layout and click on Edit of Attribution. Now you will get the Remove Button. So click on Remove to remove the Attribution.

Add Copyright Information at Footer

Hope you have removed the Attribution properly. Now there will show Add a Gadget. Click on Add a Gadget, a pop-up window will open. Select HTML/JavaScript Gadget from the list. Now type your information using HTML or JavaScript Codes into the Content Box. You may add here Copyright Information or anything you like.

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