In all the Developing Countries most of the Computer Users generally use the Trial Version or Pirated Copy of Windows Operating System. Because they don't have the ability to buy a Genuine Copy of the Windows OS. So, after a few weeks or after the expiration date windows start to show message to activate windows. That means now the time to buy a Genuine Copy of Windows OS. There should have Valid Product Key with every copy of Genuine Windows. So, you anyone can activate your windows after buying a copy. Most often the people who use the trial version or pirated copy don't do this. They re-install the trial version or pirated copy of windows again removing the existing installation. It takes about half an hour to install windows. And they loss all other installed application programs due to re-installing the OS. In a word they loss all the data contained in the C Drive.

If you are also in the same situation, then what you will do? Will you re-install the pirated copy? You may not have DVD/CD Drive installed with your Computer System. Then...?

In these cases, you may do something different. You may take more 30 days from windows. Just follow the steps given below to use Windows 7 without any tension for the next 30 days. If you do this then you will get another chance to use your installed windows for more 30 days. Even you will be able to update your windows without any hesitation. You will feel that you are using a Genuine Copy of Windows. Lets see how to do it.

 Step 01  Open the RUN Command Box
Press Windows Key+R together to open the RUN Command Box. Then type CMD as the RUN Command and press Enter Key or click on OK Button.

 Step 02  Open the RUN Prompt
After clicking on the OK Button you will get the command prompt window. Note that you have to open the RUN Command Prompt as an Administrator. Now type SLMGR -REARM and press Enter Key. Wait a while. You will get a Message.

 Step 03  Click on OK to Finish the Process
After pressing the Enter Key you will get an pop-up window. Now click on OK. Restart your computer and use the windows happily.

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