Make a Web Album in Photoshop

 Step 01  Create a New Folder and Name it Web Album
First of all you have to create a New Folder and name it Web Album or anything you like.
 Step 02  Keep Some of Your Images Inside of The Folder
Now you have to select some of your images those you want to show in the web album. Then rename those images. Don't forget to rename.
 Step 03  Click on Web Photo Gallery... from the File Menu
Now click on File>Automate>Web Photo Gallery... Then you will get a new window to configure some settings and for choosing a style for your Web Album.

 Step 04  Choose a Style for Your Web Album and Configure the Settings
Look at the image given below, there I have chosen a Style named Horizontal Slideshow and the review of the Web Album is showing at the right side under the Cancel Button. I have also added some information like email, Site Name, Photographer,  Contact Info and also Date. You may add your own information as you like. But be careful about the subsection named Source Images. There is a button named Browse..., click on that and select your folder you have created in the first step. Again click on the button named Destination... and then select another empty folder where you want to keep all the files will be created for web album.

 Step 05  Click on OK to Make Your Web Album
After completing all settings and after providing all necessary information, now you have to click on the OK button as showing on the above image. Then you have to wait for a while.

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