If you have a Website or Blogger Blog, then you can communicate with your visitors adding an instant chat box in your Blog or Website. Sometimes the visitors may suffer for help from you. In this situation Instant Chat Box is so helpful for both of you. It's very easy to use. There are many Instant Chat Box available online. But I will recommend you Zopim Chat Box. Because, it is really very nice to look at and easy to use. If you add this Instant Chat Box in your Website or Blog then the visitors will be able to send you massages. And you can reply them instantly or later. When you will stay online then the visitors will be able to understand and they may communicate with you.

More advantages of Zopim Live Chat Box are listed below...
  1. You can design your own Live Chat Box.
  2. You can see visitors IP, Host Name, Country and even the Browser they are using.
  3. If any visitor spam you then you can banned him/her with IP. After that he/she won't be able to chat with you anymore.
  4. Zopim Live Chat Box is fully free in charge. You needn't pay anything to use the service.
  5. You can make maximum 8 agent to use it.
  6. If you want, you can keep yourself offline or away mode.
  7. You can see the Chat History in your Admin Panel.
  8. And lastly you can earn from it by Referral Link.
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However, If you really want to communicate with the visitors then you must stay Logged in the site. If you don’t stay Logged in, visitors won't get you online. Though you are not Logged in even then the visitors will be able to leave massage for you using their e-mail. Let’s know how to set up  Zopim Instant Chat Box in your Blogger Blog or Website.
 Step 01  Provide Your Email Address and Name
At first you need to go to the Zopim Website from here, then find out the the portion like the image given below. Then provide your e-mail address into the first text input box "Email Address" and provide your name into the second text input box "Name". Then click on the button Sign Up Free.
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 Step 02  Click on "Verify Your Email"
After signing up you will receive a Confirmation Email in your Inbox. Now check the mail and click on their link "Verify Your Email". The image is given below.
Chat Box, Live Chat Box, Instant Chat Box
 Step 03  Provide Password and Click on "Save and go to Dashboard"
After clicking on "Verify Your Email" then you have to provide a password for two times into the two text input boxes Password and Confirm Password. Then click on the button SAVE AND GO TO DASHBOARD.
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 Step 04  Provide the Information and Click on Next
Now you have to provide your First Name and Last name to complete your Profile. After providing the information, you need to click on Next.
Chat Box for Your Blog, Live Chat Box, Instant Chat Box
 Step 05  Add the Codes  into Your Website's HTML Source Code
After completing your profile you will get some codes as shown in the image below. You have to now copy the following codes and insert them into your website's HTML source code between <head> and </head> tags.
Add a Chat Box, Add Free Chat Box, Live Chat Box Free
 Step 06  Add the Codes to an HTML/JavaScript Gadget
To add this amazing Free Live Chat Box in your Blogger Blog, you have to log in to your Blogger Blog Account. Now click on Layout from the left side menu. Then click on Add a Gadget. After clicking on Add a Gadget a you will get lots of gadgets. Find out HTML/JavaScript Gadget and click on that. After clicking on pop-up window will open. There you will get two text input boxes. Now paste the codes for the Zopim Live Chat Box into the Content Box and click on the Save Button.

Yeah, you have completed the Set Up of the Instant/Live Chat Box in your Blog. Now you can chat with the visitors of your Blog easily.
Written by +Muhammad Fazlul Hauqe 

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