...Important Keyboard Shortcuts...

Keyboard Shortcuts are so helpful to the Computer Users. You can save your time using Keyboard Shortcuts instead of using mouse in everywhere. For example if you need to open a file from your computer then you will normally click on Start>My Computer>Local Disc (D). But you may generally open My Computer just pressing Windows Key+E together. Thus you will be able to save your time.

 Keyboard Shortcut 01  Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert
You may copy the Highlighted Texts or select the Selected Item by pressing Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert keys together. It will take more time if you want to copy some text by the mouse. Because you need to take away your hand from the keyboard then you need to get the mouse. Then drag the text to highlight and right click to get a menu. Finally click on Copy from the menu and again keep back your fingers on the keyboard.

 Keyboard Shortcut 02  Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert
Press Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert keys together to paste the Text or Object from the clipboard. That means the recently copied item will be pasted.

 Keyboard Shortcut 03  Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y
You can press Ctrl+Z to undo a change. For example during editing text you may delete some text unfortunately. But you can get back those text just pressing Ctrl+Z. You may also undo any change for a few times just pressing Ctrl+Z. Thus you may redo any change by pressing Ctrl+Y. These two Keyboard Shortcuts is allowed in most of the Application Programs like MS Office Programs, Adobe Photoshop and so on.

 Keyboard Shortcut 04  Ctrl+F
Press Ctrl+F keys together to find out any text during browsing internet. Most of the browser support this shortcut. After pressing those two keys at a time a Search Box will open. Then type your text you want to find out from the current page. You may also find text from a Notepad Document by pressing Ctrl+F.

 Keyboard Shortcut 05  Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc
You may switch between the open programs by pressing Alt+Tab keys together. You may do the same thing by pressing Alt+Esc keys together also. But if you press Alt+Tab then the open programs will move forward.

 Keyboard Shortcut 06  Shift+Alt+Tab
Use Shift+Alt+Tab keys together to switch between the open programs and to move them backwards.

 Keyboard Shortcut 07  Ctrl+Tab
You may switch between tabs in a program by pressing Ctrl+Tab keys together. For example if you open four tabs in a browser during browsing internet. Then you just need to press Ctrl+Tab keys together to switch between the open tabs.

 Keyboard Shortcut 08  Shift+Ctrl+Tab
Press Shift+Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs in a program moving backwards. That means if you press those three keys together and then if you are in the fourth tab of your browser, after pressing the keys you will swap to the third tab.

 Keyboard Shortcut 09  Windows+Tab
You the Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users press Windows+Tab keys together to switch through open programs in a full screenshot of the window.

 Keyboard Shortcut 10  Windows+R
Press Windows+R buttons together to open the RUN Command Box. If you want to open the RUN Command Box manually then it will take more time. And in Windows 7 or in Windows 8 it is more tough to find out RUN from the Start Menu. You have to follow Start>All Programs>Accessories>RUN to get the RUN Command Box.

 Keyboard Shortcut 11  Windows+M
When there is a window opened in your Desktop and if you want to minimize that window, you just need to press Windows+M keys together.

 Keyboard Shortcut 12  Windows+L
If you want to lock your current windows account you just need to press Windows+L keys together. After pressing Windows+L your current user account will be locked and you need to provide the password (if you set before) to access your user account.

 Keyboard Shortcut 13  Ctrl+Right Arrow Key or Ctrl+Left Arrow Key
When you are in a word processing application like Microsoft Word, Notepad or anything like this then press Ctrl+Right Arrow Key to shift the cursor after the right word from the present position. And if you press Ctrl+Left Arrow Key then the cursor will be shifted at the left side of the current left word.

 Keyboard Shortcut 14  Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End
Press Ctrl+Home to shift the cursor at the beginning of the line and press Ctrl+End together to shift the cursor at the end of the line.

 Keyboard Shortcut 15  Ctrl+P
To print the current document of the page being viewed press Ctrl+P button together. For example when you are processing a word document in MS Word and if you are on the web page via Internet Browser, just press Ctrl+P to print the current page.

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