Refresh all the Drives Easily

We all the Computer Users have to face a pain during using Computer and that's Slow Processing. Sometimes it may be so boring. Sometimes the running program may show a message like "Not Responding". Sometimes the system may completely fail to complete the operation you want. So we follow some tricks to make our Computer System more faster. Sometimes we delete unnecessary files from our Computer System and sometimes we use some more tricks to make our Computer System more faster. Refreshing the Drives of the Hard Disk is one of those effective tricks. I have given here the way to refresh all the Drives at a time by Single Click. Just follow the Steps given below and make your Computer more faster now.

 Step 01  Open a Notepad Document
We will make a .bat file to refresh all of the drives by one click only. So we need to open a Notepad File to do so. Open a Notepad File first.

 Step 02  Add the Codes to the Notepad Document
We will now add the given codes to the Notepad. You may add them typing or just copying and pasting in the Notepad Document.

"Echo off

 Step 03  Now Save the File as .bat File
Now go to Save As and  save the file as "Refresh Drive.bat". Save the Notepad File in the Desktop or anywhere you like.

 Step 04  Finally Test Your Own Made .bat File
After saving the Notepad file as "Refresh Drive.bat" you will found an icon in your Desktop anywhere you have saved. Now Double Click on the icon and Refresh your all drives very easily. If you  have more drives in your computer then you can add Drives in codes or you can also decrease the codes if you have less drives.

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